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Dear Jefferson County,

Please allow me to share with you why I've decided to run for District Court Judge.

Why Now?
Why Judge?

The answer is rather simple. I love Louisville.


I want to help get our city on track to becoming a welcoming, vibrant, productive place to live and work. So much that has happened over the past several years has driven us apart. It’s time to find some common ground to bring our community together.

  • I believe that every person should be treated as an individual worthy of dignity and respect.           

  • I believe we need to be more tolerant of others who hold views different from our own, and that we should be able to discuss and disagree in a civilized manner.     

  • I believe we should all work to recognize and reduce racism and personal bias.           

  • I believe everyone deserves to feel safe in our community, whether in our homes, our neighborhoods, our cars, or out in public.

  • I believe that with my professional and personal experience, I can be a strong District Court Judge.


I hope to earn your support.


Mary Jude Wolford

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